Most people have long accepted the fact that Generation Y is lazy, entitled, and forever bored. The media portrays millennials as immature, uninterested and useless.

I hope to use this blog to show that it is not true. At least not for all of us.

We are curious, creative, resilient, determined, fair, and compassionate. We have taken the lemons that were handed to our generation, and made lemon drops out of them.

Although not everyone might see it, we are surviving any way we can and slowly making the world a better place while we’re at it.

Insane college debt, useless bachelor’s degree, a mundane job, and an obsession with everything new and beautiful. You will find my passions on these pages – from my favorite beauty products to tips on being green, from cheap weekly menus to late-night rants about everything that’s wrong with the world. Welcome.


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